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Friday, June 26, 2009

Here @ Hy-Vee

Travel yesterday was smooth as silk. I spent most of the flights sound asleep...Orlando to Chicago and Chicago to Des Moines. Managed to wake up and collect my bags, pick up my rental car, and find my hotel in West Des Moines. It was only when I was sitting ON the plane in Orlando that I realized I left my new Garmin in the glove compartment...why did I get that thing if I can't remember to take it on my trips!!!
Oh well, I picked up a map from the Enterprise people, asked a few questions, and managed to make all the correct turns. I'm here at the brand-spanking-new Holiday Inn and Suites, just down the road from the race site at Raccoon River park.
And speaking of the race site, I've just completed building my bike and it's time for me to head down there and check every thing out. The swim course is open right now, for another 90 minutes, and I can't wait to check out the HOT water and the HOT air outside:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,This is Esteban From Mexico, Im your fan, I think something was wrong in your last race, I don't know what happen, but what I know is that you are going to come back stronger than ever. Esteban

11:42 PM


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